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effectively manage post-it notes so that life is no longer troubled by trivial matters

source:yiwu jinxin packing co., ltd.release time:2020-08-14

records of phone calls received by the boss not in the era; notes for urgent matters that need to be handed over to colleagues; planning ideas and solutions that aura emerges, casually recorded on the note or a piece of paper torn from the notebook... at the scene of commercial activities and its emergency in the case of “shredded paper”, there are many cases.

and just because it is "shredded paper", it will be difficult to find in the middle of the document, or it will be thrown into the trash can by the wind of the air conditioner... it is often overwhelming to find, but it is difficult to save it as a fact: the more unnecessary the paper, the more it will accumulate, and the more needed the paper, the easier it will be to lose. do you always feel that "scrap paper" seems to be a deliberate mischief? but please rest assured that as long as you have scansnap s1500 scanner, important paper records will never be lost.

the trick when scanning a strip of paper is "scan the strip of paper at hand first"

whether it's a note written for yourself or a record that someone needs to contact, you only need to accumulate a few and scan it immediately. after scanning, it will naturally understand whether it is necessary to discard it. no need to be nervous anymore, just scan!

sticky note paper: paste the sticky note paper on the old a4 paper with the sticky part facing down, and then scan it.

non-adhesive paper: dip a small amount of glue on the back of the paper (to the extent that the paper does not deviate) and paste it on the waste paper, then clamp the carrier sheet (document sheath) to scan.

if it is saved as a pdf file and placed in different folders on a monthly or weekly basis, it is more convenient to use. the above screen is a folder created on a monthly basis, and is categorized according to contents such as "planning idea" and "contact address".

scanning "sticky notes" is used in information sorting and editing

when planning activity content or work procedures, organizers often piece together sticky notes that record the main content to form an overall image for analysis. at this time, you can paste and then scan. if you feel unsatisfied, you can paste and scan again. after multiple attempts, you can compare the pros and cons of multiple structural solutions on the same screen.