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how to use sticky notes (note paper, label paper) efficiently?

source:yiwu jinxin packing co., ltd.release time:2020-08-17

post-it notes are called post-it note in english. it is said that an engineer from 3m company likes to clip a piece of paper in a book at work, but sometimes it accidentally falls. so he wondered if he could put a kind of glue on the back of the paper, so that the paper could stick to the book without being too sticky, so that it could be easily torn off when needed? after n trials, it finally succeeded. this product is said to have rescued the 3m company, and it is still very popular.

nowadays, post-it notes are very popular in schools and companies, and the products are also diversified. in addition to the traditional large squares, there are also a variety of cute designs, as well as some very exotic varieties. but the role is nothing more than the following categories:

1 memo

important events that are easy to forget are written on post-it notes with thick markers and placed in a prominent place on the table. for example, next to the computer, on the partition, you can see it when you look up, and it's hard to forget it.

especially before the holiday, if there are still some unfinished tasks at hand, it is recommended to put it on a post-it note first, and then stick it on the computer monitor after shutting down. in this way, when i arrive at the company after a long vacation, i can remember what i should do in a second. otherwise, high for three days, the first thing you do when you come back is stunned.

2 mark

after the documents are sorted, you can stick a sticky note on the top page and write down the key points before storing. it's clear at a glance when it is opened again.

it's the same in life. just opened the milk in the refrigerator and put it on the opened bottle. otherwise, after a little time, you will forget how many days the milk has been kept, and can you still drink it.

3 time/task management

write a post-it note for each task, with different colors representing the importance of the task. post it on the wall according to the time and the person responsible. the finished ripped off. the task is clear at a glance.

a few days ago, i saw teacher peng xiaoliu’s article "how to report to your leader professionally" and found that niu ren was also using post-it notes to sort out his work, and he was very happy.

image author peng xiaoliu, authorized

it's not just team work, but you can actually do your own tasks with the help of sticky notes. is it too obvious on the wall? post it on the notebook.

i usually write the work of loop every month on small sticky notes, temporarily stick it on a plastic card, and stick it to the corresponding time every month when planning. after the task is completed, the transparent card will be posted back. i am such a money-saving baby.

4 tips

holding a lot of documents to report to the leader must be focused. at this time, the small note paper is useful. those that need explanations and those that need to be signed by the leader are posted in advance, so that there will be no rush. the same goes for the student party to gnaw textbooks. according to one's own habits, make a unified "sign", which represents the signature, "watch" represents further inspection, and "!" represents the key point. use it repeatedly until it is not sticky. once again moved by my own hard and simple spirit.

5 notes

want to write something, make some comments, there is no place in the book, or don't want to destroy the book? post a post-it note~ it can be used as a bookmark with the side exposed.

6 decoration

work notes are too monotonous? it doesn't matter, hand it to a nice post-it note, and it will turn into a blackboard newspaper when you were a child in minutes.

is the wall at home too monotonous? it doesn't matter, hand it to the nice post-it notes and turn it into a cultural wall in minutes.

it is roughly these functions.

finally, it is a wizard to post an easter egg to develop this kind of function on sticky notes.