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a4 paper origami skills

source:yiwu jinxin packing co., ltd.release time:2020-08-17

1. the crease to be made is very obvious. use your fingertips to draw back and forth on the fold several times

2. make sure that all zhi folding is as correct as possible. if the folding is wrong, the work is often asymmetrical or awkward

3. don't try to make difficult origami at the beginning, do something easier, without many steps

4. use large paper. it is recommended that you use a4 paper at the beginning and cut it into a square for operation. when you are proficient, you can use the smaller and beautiful paper you like.

5. you can use paper with different colors on the front and back, so that you can clearly confirm the inside and outside of the work

6. go through all the tutorial steps before making origami, so that you don’t miss or confuse the steps

7. practice more! if you keep making the same mistakes, it’s okay, just practice more. (you can practice with ordinary white paper, which is cheaper~)

8. enjoy the fun~ make origami as a friend, or make origami works to give away. in this way, origami becomes a fun-filled hobby~