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how to play sand painting for children

source:yiwu jinxin packing co., ltd.release time:2020-08-17

children's sand painting uses colored sand or colored ink, stickers and other items. how do you play with children's sand painting?
first, prepare the sand drawing pattern and the finished drawing, and then ask the children to apply the sand of the corresponding color according to the pattern, so that the sand drawing is completed. sand painting does not require water.
sand painting, as the name suggests, is to paint with sand. first, there is a self-adhesive template with a painted pattern. each part on the top of the knife indicates that the outline is carved in advance. the painter only needs to use a toothpick to gently lift each part when drawing, and then put the favorite color of sand poured on it. with bright lines and soft colors, the work expresses the deep thoughts contained in art as popular aesthetics, visual impact effects, and achieves the combination of artistic concepts and viewing effects.
dynamic sand painting is not required. if it is an ordinary children's sand painting, you can add glue and mix with the sand.
children's sand painting can improve children's hands-on ability, imagination, display their creativity, enrich children's knowledge, and let children have a happy childhood.